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Globally recognized author, trainer and keynote speaker and the designer of the "Who I Am Makes A Difference" global campaign, teaching children of all ages how to "Celebrate Unity While Honoring Diversity."


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The North Pole and Santa Claus at Christmas

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The North Pole and Santa Love

Feel the spirit of Christmas...all year long. making a difference in someone's life TODAY!
Take on "The North Pole Mission"


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Share your Christmas and Make-A-Difference Stories with us.

Take on The North Pole Mission - Make a difference in your family, communities, or the world. Find something you like to do that makes a positive difference in someone's life. Find your passion. Then ask yourself, how can I do my passion and make a difference at the same time. It doesn't matter how big or how small. It only matters that you do it. Send Santa your mission. We may just highlight yours here on our site.

You can make a difference and feel the spirit of Santa Love All-Year-Round.

Love Santa
(a.k.a. - St. Nick)

P.S. - Go here for some mission ideas click here. is a great mission to take on. You offer stuff for free. People who need stuff pick it up. Go to our missions ideas page to find out more.

P.P.S. - Remember to come back everyday to our Christmas Fun Area.

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The North Pole Mission


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Tell me what you have been doing to make a difference. I love to hear your stories.

Love Santa

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What dream can you help make come true this season?

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Step 2, Take action to help them make it happen.

Step 3, Tell a friend your dreams.

Step 4, Tell me your dreams. Send a note to Santa.


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